Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ritual slaughter

Cranmer reports on a campaign by Sikhs against the serving of halal meat in schools. They have religious objections. My own objection to halal meat applies also to kosher meat: I am opposed to cruelty. For that reason I refuse to eat halal meat and suggest it is inappropriate for it to be served by default in any institution that is publicly funded.

UPDATE: I should have linked to the online petition against the exclusive serving of halal meat in schools:

A vast number of schools are providing halal meat without the consent of parents and children. It must be made compulsory for schools to inform parents of the type of meals provided.
This enables parents to make an informed decision as to which meals are suitable for their children, especially if they do not consume this type of meat due to religious beliefs, such as the Sikh religion. The petition simply requests that SCHOOLS MUST GIVE ADVANCE NOTICE OF THEIR SCHOOL MEALS POLICY AND THAT IF HALAL MEAT IS PROVIDED, SO SHOULD NON HALAL MEAT.
It is only fair that in today's multicultural society, all communities are respected equally.

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Let 'em eat haggis.