Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin skit

There's some euphoria in the Democrat-supporting media, mainstream and otherwise, following a very funny impersonation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. I'm not embedding it, but instead directing you to one left wing blog, Harry's Place, where you can watch it and also enjoy some of the comments.

The skit was a very gentle, by British standards, piece of satire, poking fun at both Palin and Hilary Clinton. I'd suggest that perhaps the general respectfulness of mainstream American satire and comment is the reason why the left wing fringes are so disgusting, but in fact the same levels of malice and venom can be seen in every country, on the left, so that argument doesn't hold water.

The Harry's Place post shows the clip, then adds:

I suspect, however, that [the impersonator] is rather more qualified to serve as vice president of the United States.
That's a fatuous remark, but as such it's just the latest in a series rather than a sorry exception. It's also a sign of the depth the left has sunk to, with respect to Mrs Palin, that a simple piece of ordinary political satire should be hailed with relief and enthusiasm. After more than a week of the most disgusting smear campaign in modern political history, anything - anything - that doesn't turn the stomach is a coup.


Anonymous said...

Odd, isn't it, the contrast between the persona that O presents - calm, dignified, cautious - and the gibbering gibbons among his support?

bob said...

"in fact the same levels of malice and venom can be seen in every country, on the left"
And on the right no?


To be sure, the liberal infooligentsia and blogosphere in America are disugusting in the way they have vilified Palin. And, likewise, the British left's anti-Americanism which tinges its (stupid) idea that Palin is some stupid redneck, is contemptible.

But the poisonousness of political discourse, particularly around the US presidential elections, goes right across the spectrum. The lies about Obama that perculate around the web are quite shocking.