Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Are you diversity aware?

From the immeasurably valuable UK Film Council's online Diversity Toolkit:

Test your awareness and understanding of some key diversity issues in the film industry.

This is just for fun.
And by George, it is fun. Here's question one:
You are staffing the box office when a blind woman asks for tickets for the next fully accessible screening for her and her sighted friend. Do you:
a) Tell them it’s fully booked. Why would a blind person want to go the cinema anyway?

b) Give her tickets for the next screening and point them towards the screening room. Her friend will describe the action to her.

c) Check whether you have audio-description available and ask if she’d like to use it. If she would, make sure it’s set up in time for the screening.
I'm just so proud that money is taken from poor people to give to middle class web designers and consultants to produce resources like this.

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JuliaM said...

Who could possibly get those questions wrong...?