Monday, September 22, 2008


The Republican V.P. nom would be "gang-raped by my big black brothers" if she enters Manhattan, [Sarah] Bernhard said. Palin is said to be making a campaign stop in New York next week.
But don't react too quickly. That was a nuanced statement:
"[The gang rape comment] is part of a much larger, nuanced, and yes, provocative (that's what I do) piece from my show about racism, freedom, women's rights and the extreme views of Governor Sarah Palin, a woman who doesn't believe that other women should have the right to choose," Bernhard told the Daily News today.
And that's certainly hateful - objecting to a woman's right to choose. Feminist solidarity demands nuanced gang-rape in retaliation.

Note, please, that the thought that a white woman should be gang-raped by black men - Bernhard introduced the racial motif here - isn't an extreme view - unlike those of Sarah Palin.

Can you imagine the reaction if anyone even slightly to the right of Che made such a statement?


Anonymous said...

My God, she's an ugly hag.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the statement that someone would be 'gang-raped by my big black brothers' display a certain amount of racism directed against African-American males?

'My God, she's an ugly hag'

Indeed - she looks like her mother fed her with a catapult when she was a baby.