Monday, July 07, 2008


A quick roundup.

The reverse Canute effect. Or should that be Cnut?

Imposing piety.

Sea ice - does this really show less than last year, as Richard Black of the BBC claims?

Should we have Nuremberg-style trials for Riemann deniers?

Adam Smith unveiled.

Right to free speech won, for the moment, in Belfast.

The Daily Kos takes Justice Scalia to task for comments about Guantanamo Bay, in the process quoting a passage that seems to exonerate the Tipton Three. These people might not be the best example for Kos to champion.


Mac the Knife said...


So near, and yet, so far.

How's the pooch?

Peter Risdon said...

Just so.

The pooch seems to be rallying. It's been touch and go. He didn't eat between Friday night and today, but he's taken some food now. Not a happy pup, though.

Anonymous said...

That's good news :)