Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Celebration disorganised

Over on Conservative Home, a brewery manager writes:

Whilst Gordon Brown attempts to bathe in the reflected glory of sixty years of nationalised beer, on the front line we have run out of the ale needed for routine piss-ups. We have ordered and re-ordered. We have emailed, faxed and written to the suppliers and to the Department of Happiness, all to no avail. We no longer have enough booze to provide furtive swigs of cider for our children. And the government? They are refusing to admit that there is a crisis. They are telling lies. Flagrant, brazen lies.

“we are currently distributing more (drink) than is needed to float a battleship…”

“…in order to maintain stability in matching deliveries to supplies, we will introduce ‘allocation’ of the above beverages…” (full details here)

For the first time in my brewing life, I am having to turn away office workers who need routine booze ups on Friday evenings. I cannot even offer them shandy. This is the reality of Gordon Brown's beverages service.
Maybe we need a Beverage Report?

I changed a few words there, as you'll have guessed. To read the original, and see one further reason why governments shouldn't manage health services, click through.


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