Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Israel as pantomime villain

There's a good piece in the Telegraph today by the Israeli Ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, Britain is a hotbed of anti-Israeli sentiment. Prosor is right, and it's a disgrace for us all.

The inevitable anti-Israeli voices can be seen in the comments and that makes this piece a good opportunity to contrast it with the Guardian's commentators. Bad as some of the comments are, the Guardian leaves them standing for malice, malevolence and bile. Perhaps the Telegraph operates a stricter moderation policy. Perhaps the left is the spiritual home of anti-Semitism. Perhaps both are true.

While I dislike seeing some of the Telegraph's comments, the overall experience doesn't leave one feeling like a cleansing bath is needed, unlike the Guardian experience.


Anonymous said...

The Israelis can cheer up now - the Beeb will paint the Paddies as pantomime villains now.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Re the Guardian - quite.