Sunday, June 08, 2008

Barak Obama's supporters

You can't reasonably criticise someone for the supporters they attract. Barak Obama's website has a blog section. It was a nice idea, but it's backfiring a bit. For those who don't read Little Green Footballs, there are some real horrors being uncovered there. 9/11 was Mossad, radical Islamists, anti-Semitism that stays online for months until pointed out by an opponent.

I don't want Obama to be elected President, but I don't think I want him to be rejected for this reason. The idea of allowing blogging was a mistake, but I can't see any sign these are his views.

Nevertheless, the fact that some of these posts have stayed online for so long shows a worrying lack of (blog post) moderation. And leads to thoughts like this: I hope it shows a worrying lack of blog moderation, and not something else.

With these blogs, the suspicion must exist that Obama is willing to appear amenable to extremists in order to get their vote. With Pastor Wright, it was plain he was willing to ally, over a long period, with extremists to get their votes.

None of this is reassuring.

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