Saturday, June 07, 2008

Female circumcision

Do not click on this link without thinking first. I found this deeply disturbing, it haunted me for days, and I've seen a few things.

It isn't a violent scene, as such. But it does show a completely naked adult woman being held spreadeagled by a group of men, while one hacks away parts of her genitalia with a knife, and others stand around watching. It's a picture of a female circumcision... what? Operation? Atrocity? It's from the Congo, and has been going the rounds on some Arabic blogs. Female circumcision is, in the words of the blogger I'm linking to, "Egypt's main disaster". He posts against this revolting and inhumane practice. We've let it be introduced to our country.

The link is here, or you can view a machine translation of it into English here.

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