Sunday, January 13, 2008

You may start your interrogation

Ezra Levant published the MoToons in his paper the Western Standard. Here he is defending the rights of freeborn people to free expression, and in passing refusing to accept the jurisdiction of the government agency, the absurdly named Alberta human rights commission.

I think this will stand the test of time, and will still be watched a century from now.

Opening statement (also on his blog:

What was your intent?

The real violence in Edmonton:

I don't answer to the state:

Entitled to my opinion?

Attributes of free speech:


flashgordonnz said...

Wonderful! Highlights for moi:

“You are hunting for a thought crime” when asked about the intention behind publishing the cartoons.

“Unbridled free speech is the antidote, the prophylactic, against violence”

“Convicted murders cannot be compelled to apologise in Canada, it is considered cruel and unusual punishment”

I’m glad I took the time to watch these. What a guy!

flashgordonnz said...

ps recommeded to all: if you have a spare 20/ 30 minutes

Ismaeel said...

This is your champion. What a joke barely covers it. He started off well but he made a complete fool out of himself. His barely concealed racism, arrogance and pomposity, his addmittance that he was primarily motivated by money and then to claim to be some great defender of principle and his argument that the arguments of the sufferegettes and civil right movement were "unreasonable" speech, sorry mate shot yourself in the foot there.

Peter Risdon said...

Um... Well, we wouldn't want to see arrogance and pomposity, Ismaeel. Or people shooting themselves in the foot.