Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Death penalty

Sometimes my opposition wavers:

A teenage boy has been charged after a schoolgirl was allegedly raped and doused in acid in an apparent attempt to destroy DNA evidence.
This use of corrosive materials to try to destroy DNA evidence after rape is a growing trend. I'm not even going to elaborate, examples are too disturbing and disgusting.

For once, there is a case for immediate legislation. Such aggravating circumstances should carry an immediate life sentence. The animal who did this should never be released.


Anonymous said...

"possibly caustic acid": but more likely not.

Anonymous said...

To be serious - an immediate life sentence gives the perps too great an incentive to murder the girl (or any witness). Unless of course murder were punished by execution.

Peter Risdon said...

Yes. I was incandescent with rage when I posted. I'd have killed the people who did it myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. This story is beyond upsetting. Yes to the death penalty. An incentive to murder? I wonder how she feels right now. Maybe this is worse.

I cross posted it at ATW, I hope you don't mind. Seriously ive never read anything so horrific for a rape case.