Monday, September 17, 2007

They don't make 'em like that any more

A commenter at the Libertas, conservative film festival, website:

The older actors like Robert Mitchum, John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Errol Flynn, William Holden, Ward Bond, Big Boy williams all these men were from the depression era they grew up fast and tough. They were all big boozers and would get into bar fights all over the southwest and in Mexico, I mean these guys would get so drunk they would take on a whole bar of patrons and kick ass. Jimmy Cagney would hit you so fast if he felt you insulted him or anyone he was with. Errol Flynn couldn’t go into a bar here in LA without someone trying to find out if he was as tough as he was on film. Errol was a wild crazy Tasmanian, who as twenty year old made his living sailing up the great barrier reef to New Guinea. He and buddies would hit all the bars when they came into port and to earn some money. The young Errol Flynn would bare knuckle fight in sea port bars to pick food and supply money to continue their 3000 mile trek in an open boat to Papua New Guinea. Robert Mitchum left home at 14 and lived on the rails as a hobo until he was 17. He escaped from a Georgia chain gang at 17 and walked home to Delaware with a gangrene leg.

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