Friday, September 21, 2007

Climate alarmism continues

For crying out loud, what is wrong with these people? Still the press releases come:

Scientists from the University of Colorado at Boulder's National Snow and Ice Data Center said today that the extent of Arctic sea ice appears to have reached its minimum for 2007 on Sept. 16, shattering all previous lows since satellite record-keeping began nearly 30 years ago.
Scientists blame the declining Arctic sea ice on rising concentrations of greenhouse gases that have elevated temperatures from 2 degrees F to 7 degrees F across the arctic and strong natural variability in Arctic sea ice, said the researchers.
Some facts:

1. These satellite records began during a temperature minimum and show the result of a warming that could be perfectly natural.

2. The present warming is, according to records that predate the 1970s, not unusual and not greater than that measured during the 1930s when no satellite images were being produced.

3. Sea ice in Antarctica is at a record maximum.

For references, see here and here.

Scientists at the University of Colorado can start wearing those half coconut headphones and shouting into their bamboo microphones. They have let themselves become cargo cult scientists. Shame on them.


JohnM said...

Go to Bishop Hill. There is some doubt about point 3.

Peter Risdon said...

Yes, I saw that. But the current sea ice chart published by cryosphere still shows current levels at a record, or joint record, level (it's hard to see from the scale).

Certainly, we're up there still.