Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day three...

... of not smoking. I've tried to give up before, but always after cutting down first. This time, it's a dead stop from thirty a day. I cannot believe how hard day one was. It was so impressively difficult it almost became easy - like having something tangible to fight. Day two less difficult. Today, I woke up with the taste of smoke and ashtrays in my mouth, as though I'd had been puffing all evening. Odd.

Ruth asked whether I was feeling irritable. "Of course I'm not bloody irritable," I shouted, slamming the door.

I don't want to go through this again. Better stick to it.


Furrowed Brow said...

Best of luck there Peter.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, mine was three and a half years ago, and forced on me by a smoking related heart attack. Better your way than mine.

Anonymous said...

I found that the patches where good for preventing the rough irritable side without extending the addiction.

Initially I found the gum brilliant, I could have a nicotine hit at my desk while I knocked out code.

However I got really adicited to them and started to deploy mouth ulcers from the damn things. In the end I took up smoking again to get off them ...

For me at least, patches very good, gum very bad.

There are those white ciggie replacements things, I tried those for a while to, I tell you the first hit of those wow! its like having your first ciggie all over again, you have to stop yourself from going through the whole pack or trying to inhale through two or three at a time.

I'm mostly of the death sticks now, but I cannot resist them when my friends are smoking around me.


Anonymous said...

I forgot, good luck!