Friday, November 10, 2006

Treasury Waste

The Telegraph today reports that George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor, has highlighted Treasury profligacy. Last year, they spent:

  • £178,000 on taxi fares

  • £173,599 on bookings for conferences that were cancelled

  • £258,000 on stationery

  • £14,000 on pot plants and flowers

  • £96,000 on newspapers and magazines

  • £400,000 on train tickets

  • £755,000 on airline

  • £596,000 on other travel costs for ministers, civil servants and special advisers


Platform9 said...

How much did they waste on the pointless wars?

Peter Risdon said...

If spending on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is pointless and wasted, then an eye-wateringly large amount.

I think there are are couple of questions begged there, though.

kes said...

£96,000 on newspapers and magazines?
That works out at £1846.15 A WEEK

's an awful lot of copies of the Daily Mail and Hello magazine, don't you think?