Friday, November 10, 2006

Treasury Waste

The Telegraph today reports that George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor, has highlighted Treasury profligacy. Last year, they spent:

  • £178,000 on taxi fares

  • £173,599 on bookings for conferences that were cancelled

  • £258,000 on stationery

  • £14,000 on pot plants and flowers

  • £96,000 on newspapers and magazines

  • £400,000 on train tickets

  • £755,000 on airline

  • £596,000 on other travel costs for ministers, civil servants and special advisers

1 comment:

Peter Risdon said...

If spending on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is pointless and wasted, then an eye-wateringly large amount.

I think there are are couple of questions begged there, though.