Friday, November 03, 2006

MCB Finances #3

Two more interesting questions and answers from Michael Gove, M.P.

The first shows some details of funding received:

Michael Gove: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry how much (a) financial support and (b) support in kind his Department and its agencies has given to the Muslim Council of Britain in each year since 1997. [96270]

Jim Fitzpatrick: Total payments made by the Department to the Muslim Council of Great Britain are as follows:

2003-04 £ 79,042

2004-05 £ 225,957

2005-06 £ 124,800

2006-07 £ 46,000

No payments were made before January 2004. Almost all the funding has been to support awareness raising within the Muslim community for the Employment Equality Regulations on sexual orientation and religion and belief.
Secondly, approaching the accountability question:
Michael Gove: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what recent discussions she has had with the Charity Commission about the Muslim Council of Britain. [99193]

Meg Munn: Since the creation of the Department for Communities and Local Government in May 2006, the Secretary of State has held no meetings with the Charity Commission.
Of course, as an "unincorporated association", the MCB proper is not subject to oversight from the Charities Commission, or from any other organisation for that matter.

Mr Gove is very thoroughly going through government departments, asking the same question. I will continue to post updates on this matter.

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