Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Questions, questions

"To coincide with the start of Islam Awareness Week", Radio 5 Live asks Got a question about Islam? Some people do...

Sharia Law or English law, what one comes first?

As a muslim does Khalid understand that many people feel threatened by Islam because of the inflamatory rhetoric and extremist ideas that come from an alarming number of muslims in Britain... How can we battle this and to put it bluntly, gently erode the absolute importance of islam in many muslims' lives?

can you please explain why so mant(sic) muslims are mis-interperating islam?

is it true theres 123 verses in the koran that mentions killing in the name of allah?

do you reject modern science and believe the Koran when it says sperm originates from the mid-gut section of a man's body?

Do you know of any archeological inscription dated within 100 years of Muhammad's death where he is called a prophet? If so, please name it.

can you please show me the verse which orders women to cover thir fac (sic)?

When are we going to have a Hindu, Sikh or Jewish awareness week ?

The Bible defines a miracle as something that defies the laws of nature. Muslims claim the Koran is a miracle merely because it was allegedly transmitted perfectly without alteration and flaw till the second coming. Since the Harry Potter books will certainly be transmitted perfectly without alteration or flaw, and be around until the second coming, my question is: does this make the Harry Potter books a miracle like the Koran?

please explain ayisha being 6 years old.

Why dont Muslim blokes wear hijab/veil to please Allah?

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