Sunday, September 09, 2007

Iranian morality

That essential source of news about the Iranian despotism, Azarmehr, reports:

While the Islamic Republic has poured so much of its resources into harassing respectable Iranian women for showing a few strands of hair, something very sinister has been happening under the disguise of pilgrimage to the tomb of the eighth Shiite Imam in Mashad, North East Iran.

A human trafficking gang has been using the Islamic Republic as a transit country for transferring prostitutes from the ex- Soviet Republics to the Persian Gulf countries. To do this the gang had to obtain Iranian visas for the women under the disguise of pilgrims to Iran's holy Shiite shrines.

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The Prince of Truth said...

why are you calling this, 'Iranian morality'?? This has nothing to do with 'being Iranian.' It's like calling the mafia, 'Italian morality.' You're pretty idiotic when you condemn a whole nation with one group. As if Televangelists and the Pope don't exploit their religions.