Sunday, September 09, 2007

Deafeatist crap

There's a report in the Telegraph today about British casualties in Afghanistan:

Two British soldiers have been killed during a firefight with Taliban rebels in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, survivors of a "friendly fire" tragedy that killed three British soldiers in southern Afghanistan last month have demanded a swift and open inquiry into how and why their comrades died.
Nowhere does it mention the Taliban casualties, which in past engagements have been very high indeed, thereby giving the impression that British troops are just being picked off.

It does say:
Despite the tragedy, British troops bear no animosity towards the American military, whose role in protecting them they see as vital.
But doesn't point out what an understatement this is. Because Britain has been under-investing in its armed services, we rely almost completely on US air support, and this during very close quarters fighting. It's a miracle... no it isn't, it's a testament to the professionalism of the American pilots that although they routinely drop munitions within a hundred metres or so of British troops there have been so few of these friendly fire incidents.

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