Thursday, January 07, 2010

Peter Robinson

Iain Dale:

He has said he is determined to carry on his governmental duties as normal, but after watching [a video clip of Robinson] you have to question whether he is in the right frame of mind to be able to do that. He seems a broken man.
Gerry Adams:
The matters revealed so far are private and personal family matters and the Robinsons are entitled to space to resolve their marital difficulties.

Issues of public policy and of Peter’s responsibility to fulfil the obligations of his public office are another matter but his willingness to meet Martin McGuinness on Thursday and his stated intention to make 2010 a better year for everyone is to be welcomed.

It is on that issue that judgement should be made, not on private matters. Iris and Peter Robinson have the right and deserve the opportunity to rebuild their relationship. I wish them well.
Adams gets this right, in my view.


Ross said...

Adams has a rather obvious incentive for wanting to keep family matters private at this time of course.

Peter Risdon said...

Yes he does. Nick Cohen was devastating about the cover up of abuse by the Irish Republican hierarchy. Adams certainly does have questions to answer about this.

He's still right about Robinson, though.