Friday, January 22, 2010

Another quote of the day

Republicans must realize this evening that in America they benefit as there are only two parties. America is as fed up with them as they are with Obama. If there was a meaningful third party in the US, they would wipe the floor with both parties.
From an analysis of Scott Brown's election victory, at Iain Dale's blog.

Hmmm. There is a meaningful third party here, and we're just as fed up with them as we are with the rest of the political establishment. Yet none of the smaller parties seem poised for a breakthrough. The malaise, including low turnouts for elections, runs deeper than disillusionment with certain parties.


Ayrdale said...

The malaise runs deep, because people are becoming increasingly stupider and more complacent and lazy, and they know that at the end of the day things will be very much the same anyway.

I blame the teachers and the soft arms of the welfare state.

Trooper Thompson said...

I think the system will stay as it is, unless there is some kind of realignment in the political world. At the moment we are still prisoners of the left versus right paradigm, therefore we have a left party, a right party and a party in the middle. The minor parties cannot unite, because their only real point of similarity is their size.

What I would like to see is a paradigm shift away from left versus right. The issue of national sovereignty could be one to break the paradigm.