Monday, September 28, 2009

The ugliness of the internet

Oh, I know there are worse things. But I did a quick search about Roman Polanski, wondering whether I had any comment to make, and found that you can read the full transcript of the allegations made against him, 20 or 30 pages long, while looking at pictures of his victim as a 13 year old girl, the age at which she was raped.

That's certainly a convenience for the paedophile community.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this?

Anne Applebaum is a generally good writer, but I found this pretty outrageous. Surprisingly, she doesn't reveal that her husband is working for Polanski's release.

Peter Risdon said...

Applebaum has stood up for famous criminals before, at least once that I'm aware of. As one of the commenters on that article says, if Polanski were not famous, she wouldn't have written about him. And not revealing the conflict of interest is disgraceful.

dearieme said...

There are those who think that celebrity should give you legal privileges - in a way, that was obvious in the Turing brouhaha. No-one suggested a public apology over, say, bus drivers punished for homosexual acts back in Turing's time.

Ayrdale said...

Perhaps, while we're at it, we could see some action taken against males who impregnate girls under the (still)legal age of consent...or doesn't that law matter any more ?