Thursday, September 17, 2009

A national disgrace

Two soldiers wearing at least three types of camouflage because the British Army has not properly outfitted its soldiers. Missions here range from Brown Zone to Green Zone back to desert brown within minutes. The soldiers need camouflage similar to what special operations folks wear. British and American special operations folks use camouflage suitable for both environments. It’s cheap and every combat soldier should have it.
Michael Yon (Give him some money).

I knew about the vehicles and helicopters. But uniforms? Uniforms? For fuck's sake.


dearieme said...

Come on, this is the army that famously can't provide decent boots.

Anonymous said...

This is the same MOD that unveiled brand new uniforms and helmets, ordered 10k to be sent out this year and which has already shipped 5000? I can see there are bits missing from Yon's report. But you would think in the interim we could ship out the necessaries and get the camo right while they wait on the brand new kit. Or maybe not. Noone wants to spend money on this war. Least of all the Great British Public.