Monday, June 22, 2009

Remember her

like this:


FrankC said...

That picture of two polar bears f"£$%ng in a blizzard is despicable sir. You should be ashamed.
Seriously "wikimedia 404".

Peter Risdon said...

Thanks, Frank - they moved the pic. Now fixed.

alison said...

I'll remember her in the context of those women who are the vanguards of Iran and have been ever since the "Ayatollah's Army" backfired on him massively. Ignored and shovelled up by conservatives and liberals when it suits. What will stick in my mind is not the images of her death but the images of the women out in the streets days earlier. And that great Liberal shmuck John Simpson who glibly commented on the Friday night before she died that only the "hard cases" would take to the streets on Saturday: "I suspect, without wanting to be sexist about it, that the very charming blondes in their black outfits won't be there".

Peter Risdon said...

John Simpson is a disgrace.

I posted about Iranian women more generally here.