Friday, June 26, 2009

Quote of the Day

No display of ass-hattery will be judged excessive in the coming days. If Blair himself read a prayer at Jackson's funeral then led the congregation in an embarrassing dance, I would hardly wince.

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alison said...

Jackson did however inspire a few young Iranian twitterers who became despondent thinking they would be forgotten by the world's press with his death...I've posted it on my blog. His perfect legacy song for them "Young Folks"

Sorry I haven't responded to the secular debate properly or further but I can only focus on Iran right now. Yes uselessly perhaps, colour me naive but I feel we owe them our undivided attention.

One of your finest posts here Peter was dedicated to the correspondence you had with an Iranian dissident ex prisoner (?) in which you seemed quite understandably touched to the core that she would thank you for writing about her. You should tweet it.