Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quote of the Day

The "left" may joke and titter and wheeze about "fundy Christian wingnuts" but find someone lecturing you about your immorality, your materialism, your sinful pride, your lack of spiritual value and, most likely, they will be driving an old Volvo with the radio tuned to "Pacifica" and a GEORGE BUSH IS A LIAR bumper-sticker on the fender. Your average lefty is quicker to take offense than a blue-haired old presbyterian; they are constantly monitoring everyone for signs of racism, sexism, colonialism, anti-animal hate speech. They will criticize your car, your house, your synthetic fiber sweater, your swear words, your cigarettes, your sandwich, your choice of grocery bag, your skin color (if it is in the dusky pink range). Life to them is a laundry list of strictures, taboos and lamentations. They hate science, they fear Christianity, they think heterosexual porn is rape, they believe in magic, aromatherapy, tribalism; they scream about Bush killing children but fail to bat an eyelash at the consequences of "pro-choice". They cringe in disgust and embarrassment at the "black and white" moral distinctions of Bush (and Reagan in his time) when he speaks of the "axis of evil", yet no one uses the word evil more than leftists when describing the Bush Administration, capitalism, America, Israel. They mock and scoff at the president's religiosity, yet speak in reverential tones of Gaia, Buddha, Wicca, Yoga.
From a comment at Tim Blair's old blog.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would rather be afraid of the ones who drive new Porsche, otherwise fitting same set of parameters. Quite a lot of those lately,you know.

alison said...

He got really muddled up from "they hate science..." and started projecting his own hang ups.

And generally a lot of people have a weird fascination with and disdain for religion. It isn't limited to "lefties" and is frankly a bit extreme.

Trooper Thompson said...

I get the feeling that the writer is avowedly on the 'right', and therefore part of the problem. No doubt he (I guess it's a he) got some self-satisfaction from his little rant. Shame the bastard didn't notice how criminal and unconstitutional the Bush regime was. Now the other (wing of the same) party is in the Whitehouse, his critical faculties may revive somwhat.

The leftwing and the rightwing are as bad as each other.