Thursday, April 30, 2009

Complaint to the BBC

Just filed:

During a discussion [on Radio 4's Today programme] about the first 100 days of the Obama presidency, Justin Webb explained the reasons for Obama's popularity.

Obama is the least popular president, with the exception of Bill Clinton, at this stage in his presidency, of recent times. The report was irreconcilable with the truth.
I'll post their reply when it arrives.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice one!

Keep us updated.

dearieme said...

But it was a Beeb truth. Orwell would have understood.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Sad, really. During my Soviet days I used to listen to BBC as a beacon of objectivity and truth. Now it all goes down the drain.

Trooper Thompson said...

Well done man, the worship heaped upon this fraudulent piece of trash sickens me, and the BBC are the worst.

Peter Risdon said...

I've thought about that, Snoopy - your Soviet days. There's a whole world there to talk about. Perhaps over some vodka.