Saturday, May 03, 2008

That left wing blogosphere reaction to Johnson's win

OMG! Charlie Brooker was right. People who vote differently to me are drooling morons who just ticked a box because they'd seen him on TV. In fact, actually, the fact that people vote differently to me is a failure of democracy!

Plus, he's a clown, a buffoon! How can anyone who has ever cracked a joke be serious?!?

We're doomed. London will crumble and fall into the sea.

Plus, Boris is a racist and homophobe, unlike Ken, who only supported racists and homophobes. Um.. OK. Boris isn't a racist. Um... or a homophobe. And Ken's a sonofabitch. But he was our sonofabitch. He had the right colour rosette. But he lost!!! OMG!!!

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