Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Suffer the children

These are the faces of children burned in their Primary School because the heaters were unsafe. Iran needs to spend money on its own infrastructure, yet is pledging more financial support for their terrorist puppets Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Iranian bloggers are enraged.


Nunyaa said...

The world at large should be enraged.

Trooper Thompson said...

It's a sad case ... but are the Iranian government any different to any other, with respect to prioritising weaponry over civil programmes? Also, aren't you using this photo, tragic though it undoubtedly is, in a similar way to Michael Moore with the Michael Yon photo that you report below, namely to score a point against the Iranian regime?

I'm just observing. I'm not coming in to bat for the mullahs of Tehran.

Peter Risdon said...

"are the Iranian government any different..."

I don't agree with this sort of relativism, the Iranians are MUCH worse than the majority of other governments and should be criticised at every opportunity. Don't forget, Iran is one of the great oil producers, it takes a special degree of incompetence to be unable even to afford basic infrastructure when you're in that position, though being a religious maniac helps.

Good point about the photo use, though. I'd say the following to differentiate this use from Moore:

- I've reprised this argument in exactly the way it was made on two Iranian blogs, photos and all, in order to bring their perspective to a wider audience

- The use is more like that of the grandmother Yon refers to, sharing the human tragedy

- The political point made by the association of photo with argument is not untrue on any level, whereas that of Moore is untrue in all respects