Monday, November 19, 2007

Time to cough up

I almost feel guilty. But to start at the beginning, I signed a pledge to refuse an ID card and to donate £10 to a legal fund. I was planning to refuse an ID card anyway, so that wasn't such a struggle. Now it's time to pay up the tenner. I have an awful feeling this is going to cost me more than a tenner, though.

So why do I feel guilty? I also have an Australian passport, so if it really comes to it I'll be able to use that. I renewed my British one earlier this year to give me the maximum breathing space.

But, as I said to the smokers freezing in the garden of a pub a couple of days ago: we stand for it. Why?

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flashgordonnz said...

What are your thoughts as Australia sleep-walks toward a Labo(u)r government?
I just wish they could hear me yelling from NZ "Take our one, CIF!"