Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hamas First Aid

Mike at The Monkey Tennis Centre mentions the first aid lessons being offered to "all the Palestinian armed factions" in Gaza by the International Red Cross.

It seems he has gained exclusive access to some of their new training materials:

Lesson 1: Casualty with severed head:

1. Retrieve head from celebrating mob.

2. Carefully reattach head to neck as shown.

3. Remove video of beheading from internet.

4. Prop casualty up in a chair.

5. Call AP and Reuters, and get them to photograph the casualty, explaining to them that he's in excellent health, but has suffered mild whiplash in a car accident, and is having a nap.

6. When AP/Reuters have gone, remove head again.

7. Wait 24 hours.

8. Call AP/Reuters and tell them casualty has been run over by Israeli bulldozer.
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Nelson said...

Very funny. Thanks