Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Physics Exam

One of these is a real question, from the Nelson Thornes AQA GCSE Science textbook endorsed by the AQA board. Can you guess which?

Notes to the candidate: no mathematics are necessary for this exam. Try as hard as you can to get the answers correct. You will be marked on effort.

1. The wave equation is v = ƒ λ

a) How does that make you feel?
b) What do you think of the effect of Greek culture on physics?

2. Timothy fires a pretty heavy cannonball at a low angle.

a) where will the cannonball land?
b) What do you think are Timothy's motives for firing cannonballs?

3) Imagine a taxi firm uses an ambulance radio channel by mistake. Write a short story about a mix-up that happens when the taxi firm uses the ambulance radio channel.

4) A debate is occurring at the local university between two scientists, one who thinks the Earth is at the centre of the solar system and the other who thinks the Sun is at the centre.

a) List the points in favour of both of their arguments.
b) Which scientist has the more common sense view?
c) Suggest a way the scientists could compromise.

5) A diagram of the stars has been provided on the following page.

a) Draw in your own constellations by connecting the dots.
b) Write a pretend 'history' of one of these constellations.

Answer can be found here.

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