Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blimey - a libel!

I'd been planning to post again today after a long work-induced break. How exciting, though, to wake up to find a libel in the comments to a post about Gore.

I don't know whether I'm obliged to remove a libel from the comments section. This one has been the subject of litigation, in 1993, and my commenter, Dr Justin Lancaster, retracted and apologised. Here he is repeating his libel without giving any context for the reader. Not very honest. Not very creditable. Rum chaps, some of these global warming alarmists.

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Anonymous said...

Blow me. Al Globe has less integrity than a "newsman"? Oof!
I think I might vote for Baghdad Osama in the Democratic Primaries, rather than that Clinton dame, who is obviously tainted by her association with Al.