Monday, October 23, 2006

Bye bye emacs

What the hell, why not blog about technology too.

I've always used emacs/tramp for editing remote files but when it hangs, it's easy to lose the file itself, which is a major nuisance (the backupfile~ stays there so not all is lost). And boy, does it hang. Every other ssh connection I use - shell, vfs etc - is fine but not tramp.

Today this has been a major strain on my productivity.

But Gnome-vfs handles the remote connection fine. If I switched to KDE, KIO-slaves would do the same job, maybe even better. Shame, I like emacs, but there are a lot of good programming editors there and I can't afford to lose two hours as I have today every time there's something flaky about my broadband line.

It's an emotional moment... I've used emacs for years. When I started using tramp, there was no real alternative for remote editing, now you can use pretty much anything. Next you know, I'll be using a graphical IDE...


Anonymous said...

Hey John,

why don't you use Emacs with KDE's KIO slaves? I wrote a blog article aboit it: Using KDE’s kio-slaves with Emacs.


Peter Risdon said...

Thanks for the link, Tassilo. I mentioned in my post I know about KIO slaves, but don't want to switch from Gnome to KDE. I'm not aware of a similar hack for Gnome-vfs.