Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Poster Girl

I hold two passports - British and Australian. I'm very sad indeed to say that I'd prefer the former to be an English passport nowadays but I have no reservations about the Australian one. I'd give anything to have a Prime Minister like John Howard over this side of the world, and I'm very proud about the role the Australian troops have been playing in the war against the 21st Century equivalent of the Nazis.

Beccy Cole is an Australian singer who is also proud of the Diggers and she has toured some of the places they are stationed at the moment, entertaining them, supporting them and, it has to be said, significantly enhancing the landscape wherever she has gone. That has made her some enemies among the anti-civilisation movement; in some places her posters have been defaced and torn down.

She has responded with a song.

Via Tim Blair, who got it via Blackfive, who got it... well, you can read the other links if you click through.

But before you do, listen to the lady.

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