Monday, September 03, 2007

Terrorism solved

At last:

NEW citizenship lessons have been proposed to prevent Muslim pupils from becoming suicide bombers and increase their participation in British society.

Young Muslims will be asked to consider the impact of the 7/7 bombings on their victims; encouraged to report terrorist plots to the police; and women advised not to wear the full Islamic veil to “avoid confrontation”.
That'll do it. Let's read on:
A lesson on the “sacredness of life and property” aims to teach pupils “that it is unlawful to make oneself into a suicide bomb and kill others in a country where Muslims have given a religious promise to respect its laws”.

And if Muslims haven't made that promise? I guess it would be lawful.
Sources at the Department of Communities and Local Government, which has been monitoring the programme, confirmed that it wanted it to be used nationally.

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