Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's so full of Jews

Belsize Park, of course, according to Sebastian Horsley.

That's a quote in the comments at Harry's Place. At some point, the left will wake up to the fact that anti-Semitism isn't just some kind of weird aberration in its midst. But not yet.

Because then, they'd have to accept that racism and sexism aren't anything to do with the left-right divide, and that the Nazis were in fact left wing. And that the BNP are left wing.

Meanwhile, the original post quotes a Labour MP to good effect:

We are at the beginning of a long intellectual and ideological struggle. It is not about Jews or Israel. It is about everything democrats have long fought for: the truth without fear, no matter one's religion or political beliefs. The new anti-Semitism threatens all of humanity. The Jew-haters must not pass.
Damn right.

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CityUnslicker said...

too right, the left though has so many dark secrets. If it let them all out it would be pandora's box to its believers...