Thursday, September 06, 2007

Inseminator's rights

The State Legislature of Ohio has before it a bill that would prohibit abortions being carried out without the written consent of the "father of the fetus". The only exceptions are in cases, proven by the production of a police report or genetic test, of rape or incest, or where the life of the pregnant woman is at risk.

Butterflies and Wheels links to this with the comment: "Women's Rights? What Are They?" I don't recall a link from B&W that referred to Men's Rights.

I don't support his bill, for practical reasons apart from anything else. Not knowing who the father is does not present a defence. But in a small number of cases this would be the case and injustice would result. It is intolerable to expect a woman to go through a pregnancy at the command of another person. But while I don't support the bill, I do sympathise with it.

You really can't exclude fathers entirely from all involvement and decision making with children, force them to be reluctant parents when women have absolute control over whether they go to term, then bitch about "deadbeat Dads".

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