Monday, September 10, 2007

Climate change news

Via Benny Peiser's estimable newsletter, one of his readers has pointed to a perfect exposition of the Unfalsifiable Theory on the BBC website:

Dr Mark Eaton, an RSPB scientist, said: "We feared the numbers of red-throated divers might drop because the warming of the North Sea seems to be reducing stocks of the fish they feed on.

"The black-throated diver could also be at risk in the future, despite the recent increases. If climate change causes loch temperatures to rise, the small fish the birds feed on could grow too large to eat."
Let's just paraphrase that: Fish might thrive, or they might not. Either way, climate change will be to blame, and either way it will be a bad thing.

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View from the Solent said...

Sheesh! Where do these people come from? So the birds will wait until the fish are "too large to eat" before trying to eat them?