Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wikifun with Cherie

More from the Wikiscanner search on a suspected intranet gateway for the Cabinet Office.

On the 20th March, the Cherie Blair entry was cleaned up. The following was removed:

but it was later revealed that she and Tony Blair had agreed to be godparents to the yet-to-be born child of Foster and his partner Carole Caplin (Caplin later miscarried)
As was:
The most controversial of Booth's New Age practices occurred when on holiday in Mexico she and her husband, wearing only bathing costumes, took part in a rebirthing procedure that involved smearing mud and fruit over each others' bodies while sitting in a steam bath.''How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World'', [[Francis Wheen]], Harper Perennial 2004, ISBN 0007140975
And this was also deleted:
Giving a talk on cancelling African debt in [[2005]], she accepted $30,000 for a 90-minute talk while in the US with her husband.

In [[2005]] during a charity speaking tour of [[Australia]], she was paid a £102,000 fee for after-dinner speaking, although the £82-a-head dinner raised £81,270, according to Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV). But only £6,690, or 8%, of the total funds raised went towards cancer research.[http://politics.guardian.co.uk/cherie/story/0,,1600795,00.html "Charity in trouble over Blair tour"], The Guardian, 26 October 2005
In the following paragraph, the highlighted text was deleted:
Booth attracted some criticism for her handling the case of [[Shabina Begum]], a student at the mainly-Muslim [[Denbigh High School Luton|Denbigh High School]] in [[Luton]], who was refused permission to wear full head-to-toe [[jilbab]], when the school uniform code only permitted students to wear the [[shalwar kameez]]. For her client Booth claimed that it was about prejudice, however she was criticised for her involvement in the case when Shabina was being supported by the controversial Islamist group [[Hizb ut-Tahrir]], of which her brother Shuweb Rahman was a member.[http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-1507636,00.html "Muslim girl wins battle to wear traditional dress in school"], Times Online, 2 March 2005

UPDATE: entry made suitable for a family audience...

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