Friday, October 23, 2009

Point of the day

I haven't been blogging for personal reasons - been having too good a time to want to sit and type. However, this seems an excellent point, worth repeating, from Jonny Newton:

Nick Griffin looked silly on the programme, but what if the BNP ever got a new leader without a history of statements he wants to repudiate?
And, put slightly differently, from James Cleverly:
When [the BNP] are given the opportunity to act like real politicians they struggle and then they fail... Question Time provided the perfect vehicle to show this incompetence, but the BBC did what so many on the left do, obsess about the BNP and feed their inflated sense of self importance.


Amy said...

It is unfortunate that there are people with the same views as Griffin. They should not be allowed to be in politics.

JuliaM said...

Amy, no matter how many blogs you post that at, no-one is going to be fooled into clicking on your name when they can see what it is on mouseover!

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