Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Selling sex

This slipped beneath the radar recently.

How do you make sure you have unanimous agreement at a meeting in the House of Commons?

Simple: stop anyone who disagrees with you from entering the meeting.

The current feminist fascination with trafficked sex workers should be seen in its true context. It is the successor to the Cleveland child abuse wolf crying, and the Satanic Abuse nonsense that followed it. It's a conspiracy theory.


Anonymous said...

The Cleveland sex abuse story reminded me of the McMartin Preschool sex abuse case in California, so I decided to read about it again:


No one was ever convicted. Several people were arrested, and one of them spent 5 years in prison without being found guilty of anything.

"Travesty" is an over used word. But it applies in the McMartin case [read especially the "media" section].

Ross said...

I suspect that some of the supporters of the Satanic abuse allegations have been at the Cleveland article on wikipedia.

dearieme said...

I remember one feature of the Orkney stanic abuse business - no-one involved was an Orcadian. Everyone - families, social workers, police - was an incomer.