Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trouble in Canada

Security expert Bruce Schneier runs an open access wireless network in his home:

To me, it's basic politeness. Providing internet access to guests is kind of like providing heat and electricity, or a hot cup of tea. But to some observers, it's both wrong and dangerous.
I guess it depends where you live. Canada, for example, might not be the best place to try this. If you're Canadian, you might find a "human rights investigator" has hijacked your wireless connection in order to pose as a racist Nazi, posting hate messages to the Stormfront website. And to provide them with anonymity, they're using your ip address as cover.

And you'd be paying for the privilege of being set up. These investigators are staggering around, belching and loosening their belts, after gorging themselves at the tax trough.

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Anonymous said...

My home wireless connection is secured, if my guest needs to have access, I provide them the passkey to use my wireless connection.

I will not risk a stranger using my IP address for illegal activities.