Monday, May 07, 2007

Death to animators

There are calls for the murder of a 70 year old Iranian cartoonist, Nooredin Zarrin-kelk, who is said to have ridiculed the chador (a sort of unpegged tent some women wear in Iran):

The incident led to organised protests by state backed fundamentalist Baseej students, who once again exploited the situation in favour of their recent demand for a second "cultural revolution".
If you follow the link, you'll see there is such a thing as a free lunch, at least for state backed fundamentalist students who organise spontaneous demonstrations.

Palestinian kids are having fun with the new Mickey Mouse-like character Farfur on Hamas TV.

OK, it's genocidal supremacist fun, but at least they're not wearing tents. Sample dialogue:
Farfur: “We are setting with you the cornerstone for world leadership under Islamic leadership. Isn’t it so, Saraa’?”

Saraa’: “Yes, our beloved children.”
Ah, those golden days of carefree childhood... They even have songs:
The hostess explains to Farfur that one must aspire to memorize the entire Quran… "Because we want to lead the world, so [therefore] we want to memorize the [entire] Quran."

[The girl Harwa recites a song:]
"We liberated Gaza by force
From your death…
The people firmly stand
In their fire is a flame
Rafah sings "oh, oh"
Its answer is an AK-47
We who do not know fear
We are the predators of the forest."

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